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Advanced grid analytics and increased data transparency

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Our technology

Data analytics

By applying both advanced machine learning and latest analytical and statistical tools, GridFlow reduces and automates the cost of the energy distribution grid data analytics.

GridFlow gives you the ability to forecast electricity demand trends and streamlines the process of planning operational tasks, repairs or modernisations of the energy network to bring you significant savings.


Safety and stability 

Use the tools available in GridFlow to ensure continuity of energy supply, maintain balance and reliability of the distribution network. Thanks to automated alerts you will get information on the occurrence of a failure sooner, which will allow you to operate more efficiently and reduce power outages.

Constant monitoring of electricity demand and supply will allow you to optimize efficiency and investments of the distribution network.

Home: Technologia

Optimse costs

Minimize energy and financial losses by reducing the impact of reactive power on the operation of the distribution network. Improve the quality parameters of supplied electricity and avoid regulatory penalties.

Real-time data monitoring and our advanced analytics will allow you to detect illegal energy consumption on your distribution grid.

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How can we help?

For Distribution Network Operators undergoing digital transformation, GridFlow is a solution that increases the stability and security of the power network through high-quality analysis of measurement data from AMI and AMR meters.

Using the latest technologies, such as machine learning and blockchain, GridFlow offers the following benefits:

  • solving problems resulting from network restrictions

  • increasing transparency about the state of the grid

  • optimisation of distribution network performance and investments

  • optimisation of the use of existing network resources

  • increasing grid security

  • increasing energy efficiency

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getFlow powered by Future Processing

We are a team of experts from the energy, water, and IT industries and because of that we perfectly understand the industries and business of our clients and challenges they are facing. We provide them with specialized products and IT services supporting their efficient functioning and development, generating measurable benefits for them.

We work with the best organizations and people, building long-term partnerships based on trust and excellent customer service. Using advanced analytical tools, we support our clients in making decisions, we help analyze and draw conclusions from the data they have. We offer our services and products to companies of all sizes in the water and energy industries.

Get in touch and find out how we can help you!

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Contact details

Ul. Bojkowska 37A, 44-100 Gliwice

(+48) 32 461 23 00

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